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Hey Everyone,

We are doing pretty good now on our member count, so thank you to everyone that has joined Reign of Terror Gaming so far.  The Clan Site is quickly coming towards the end of its Advanced Trial Account, and when that ends we will be on the free one.  And, the free one lets us do almost nothing on the site.

In order to keep our Advanced Plan, you can either complete offers to add days or donate.  None of this money goes to me(so don't worry) it all goes directly to Enjin to increase the days left on our plan.

In order to donate or complete offers just go to the right of this screen and scroll down until you see the "Group pay for this Site" module.  Just click on it and it will give you the options to complete offers or pay to add days.

This is not mandatory but if you happen to have some money laying around it would really help us out :). 

Your Clan Leader (CrudeInstinct)
awsomdk Admin... Call me?
awsomdk Hey Crude, Want another Mod/Admin haha>.> I will try to get on more often.
Impulse_Hyde Once we win our first few GB team matches, i will pay for 1 month.

Weekend Pub Stomping

CrudeInstinct a posted Jan 5, 12
Hey Guys,

We have accumulated quite a fair amount of members now and I want to get most of you together tomorrow night or Saturday and just play in some pub matches.

Comment below and tell me what night would be best.

Also, as I previously mentioned there is a tournament Saturday that I need 3 people for, if any of you are interested please let me know ASAP!

Your Leader (CrudeInstinct)

S1LNTxSCOPE im down to get some games in tonight and as for tomorrow i can play but i dont meet the 2.0 k/d requirement, only 1.85
RodriigoBR I'm Ready to fight but not today. My m8 is in my house and we are playing God of War =D
CrudeInstinct a great! see you there
There is a tournament coming up on the 7th, 4v4 that we are going to be taking place in.  We need 3 players of a 2.00 K/D or higher to compete with us.

The tournament is 32-teams, single-elimination bracket and the prize is $20.  Although the prize is not a very high amount of money this is a good way to start building our name.

Please comment if you are interested, and then I will message you with what to do.

Link to Tournament Info -
RodriigoBR My raito is 2.40.. I can play all day so yeah
CrudeInstinct a Once we know everyone that's coming, I will enter the tournament
Impulse_Hyde If im available from 5 PM to 10 PM, I would be interested in attending.


CrudeInstinct a posted Dec 30, 11
Welcome to Reign of Terror Gaming (RoT*), we are a PS3 Clan devoted to the FPS genre and Call of Duty in particular.  We offer a friendly, though very competitive environment for gamers.  There are only a few requirements in order to join the Clan, and if you meet them then we welcome you to go the Application Page and apply to become a member.

Reign of Terror Gaming is a very new clan, but I can already guarantee that ROTGaming will be one of the strongest MW3 clans on the PS3.  I can guarantee that because, I (CrudeInstinct) have been in charge of incredibly well-developed clans in the past and I am bringing that experience here to ROTGaming.


- Must be at least 13 years of age
- Have a 1.25 K/D Ratio (There can be exceptions for this, as we know K/D does not always represent a players' skill)
- A mic is strongly recommended
- You must be active on the Forums and in-game

Other than that make sure to follow basic Rules of Conduct, because as a member of ROTGaming, you are representing the entire clan. 

Also, there are no "tryouts" that we make anyone go through before joining, but in a way all games that we play together are a tryout and if we see anything we don't approve of then we will remove you from ROTGaming.
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